One of the biggest risks to our water supply is backflow - caused when water pressure drops in the water distribution system causing water to flow in the opposite direction from residential or commercial premises back into the public water supply network.
Because both homes and businesses use chemicals and other potential contaminants, backflow can be a major threat to the health and wellbeing of our residents and visitors. 
At its worst, backflow contamination of the water supply could cause death or serious injury, so we all have a responsibility to help reduce this risk.
Commercial / Industrial Premises:
Contact us for advice and arrange for an assessment and installation.  A Building Consent is required before installation can occur.
Residential Premises:
The Council installs dual check devices at water supply connections to domestic premises.  If you have areas within your premises that could cause risk to your drinking water (e.g. spa pool, dialysis machine), contact us for advice.
IQP 556
Rea, Richard is an independently-qualified consultant for the complete survey and testing of backflow prevention. Backflow prevention involves checking for possible cross-contamination of water supplies. Council requirements for certain commercial and industrial water systems require annual assessment by approved personnel to check for any backflow issues– we can assist you in this area.
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