Drainage: Maintenance
 or Replacement
Drainlaying is any work involving the installation, alteration or repairs to a drain.

Effective and correctly installed drainage systems play an important role in protecting public health and maintaining a pollution-free environment. If foul water is not correctly disposed of it can pose a significant risk both to the community at large and to our environment.
Drains are underground pipes which carry foul or surface water (stormwater) and enter either an onsite waste water disposal system (septic tank) or a sewer which is likely to be controlled by a territorial authority (district council).

The most common problem that occurs with a drain is blockage. Blockages occur for a number of reasons; foreign matter dropped down the drain, tree root intrusion, overloading, collapse, misalignment. A blockage in a drain will usually require the services of a tradesperson who can clear the blockage. Clearing a blocked drain is not regarded as drainlaying, however, anytime a drain is opened up, altered, reconstructed, extended or repaired then that work can only be legally undertaken by a licensed drainlayer. 
If you have discovered a blocked drain on your property, we can provide an insurance report for you. This includes a written report describing the damage and how it occurred with photos documenting the damage.  We can also provide an obligation free quote for the repairs.
Sorting the pros from the cons
Your home has a complex network of pipes and fittings that combine high pressures, high temperatures, gas and electricity and other hazards.  Your family’s health and safety depends on the skills and experience of the qualified plumbers, gasfitters and Drainlayers who install and maintain them. 

So how do you tell a qualified tradesperson from someone who just looks like one? Sort the Pros from the cons.

Ask to see their NZ Practicing Licence before you have any work done. 
Our drainlayers can install, alter and repair your property's drainage.
Our services include:
  • Sewer work
  • Stormwater work
  • Soak pits
  • Septic tanks & Effluent Fields 
  • Field drains 
  • Pumps
  • New housing and commercial builds
  • Road drainage
  • Commercial drains
  • Troubleshooting drain problems (videoing, locating blockages, & drain clearing)
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